We are an Argentine company that has been designing and manufacturing equipment in the field of fuel measurement and control for more than 25 years, positioning ourselves at the forefront of technological development, and working with the major companies in the oil industry.


Pump Control is the company with the most experience in the market, with an essential differentiation from our competitors: we are able to design, manufacture and start up each of our products, providing integral, simple, practical, efficient and customized solutions for our clients, complying with the standards that govern the national and international market.

We have the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, a global benchmark on international consensus in the application of good management practices. This focuses on the primary commitment to guarantee the quality of our products.

In addition to the development in Argentina, our teams are part of the international scene, operating in more than 20 countries, on five continents.



We have a Department of Engineering, permanently updated in the application of new technologies, which performs all the hardware and software designs of our equipment. In this sense, we are characterized by a permanent innovation with which we take a leap in quality, evolving every day in the services we offer.

Our team is characterized by extensive experience in the manufacture of electronic equipment, which gives you the knowledge of all requirements for compliance with standards, standards and certification tests.

All this knowledge about electronics and firmware for microprocessors, acquired over years of work at the highest level of excellence, results in one of the pillars of Pump Control: the manufacture of high quality equipment, using structured techniques and advanced, for the creation of solid and easy to maintain designs.


Just as our suppliers have an approved level of quality in the design phase, the production team operates according to the design specifications and the procedures generated. In this way, the synergy achieved in all areas of work of the company, guarantees the manufacture of high-end equipment, reliable, up to the needs of our customers, and with a perfect operation.

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To complete the global vision that frames everything related to the measurement and control of fuels, we have specialized personnel to provide the service of installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance of our equipment.

We provide our own technical service for each of our products and solutions. This allows us to offer a quick response to emergencies, technical problems or requirements on equipment and services.


Respond to the objectives of the national policy for the development of suppliers of local products and services. Our performance in more than two decades of trajectory gave us the preparation to recreate an offer that allows to substitute imports, and contribute to the national development from chains of value for the production of goods and service, of local character.

Continue to expand our international presence, working together with our distributors around the world.

Design and produce equipment under national and international quality standards, which continue to allow the development of products and services that meet the needs of each client.


The Management of PUMP CONTROL SRL, aware of its responsibilities towards customers and the safety and health of the people that comprise it, establishes a policy for it to be implemented, communicated and maintained by all its members, in order to obtain a high competitive level and as a commitment to the continuous improvement of all its processes.
For this, the following principles have been considered:
• Develop, implement, maintain and review, at regular intervals, a Quality Management System and Occupational Health and Safety under the guidelines of the ISO International Standard, with scope throughout the organization.

• To consider that the continuous improvement of the different processes of the Integrated Quality, Safety and Occupational Health Management System is a permanent commitment of the Organization, which covers all its functions and levels.
• Procure the permanent increase in customer satisfaction, providing services with the best available technology.
• Progressively achieve a higher competitive quality, with special emphasis on satisfying the applicable requirements, increasing productivity, efficiency and reducing costs.
• Consider the Integrated Management of Quality, Occupational Safety as a priority for the development of all businesses, applying this System in daily work.
• Develop and maintain a workforce trained and committed to their tasks through compliance with training programs, training and systematic awareness.
• Consider that all work accidents can and should be prevented.
• To consider that the prevention of risks for people is a commitment of all the members of PCS and those who work temporarily in it, constituting a condition of employment and hiring.
• To annually establish objectives and goals of Quality, Safety and Occupational Health, considering this Policy, the applicable requirements and the concerns of the interested parties.
• Comply with the applicable legislation and with all other commitments voluntarily assumed.
The faithful fulfillment of this Policy will be an obligation of all the levels of the company, whatever their function or position, having as a fundamental mission to achieve the individual and group well-being of those who integrate it.