Miker II is a flame, methane, and heat-point detector that, in environments with the presence of gases, provides the necessary and required safety conditions in commercial and industrial facilities where there is a risk of fire or explosion due to the presence of liquid or gaseous fuels.

This device is used inside an explosion-proof box and it is commercialized in such a way that it is ready to be installed, even in environments with risk of explosion.

The detector (which also has Modbus communication via RS485) is programmed to activate an alarm warning either by flame detection, by reaching a certain percentage of LIE in the explosive air / methane mixture, or by detecting a point of heat in the environment.

Features & Benefits:

• Detection of explosive mixture in two programmable points within the range of 0% to 100% of the LIE (level-1alarm and level-2 alarm).

• Detection of a candle flame 5 meters away.

• Detection of heat source.

• Three open-collector alarm outputs: one for flame, one for methane, and one for heat source.

• Alarm in case of lack of power supply for device.

• 12 to 24VDC (+10% / -20%) power supply.

• Modbus communication via RS485.



This device offers different versions:

  • Flame detector
  • Methane detector
  • Heat-source detector
  • Other possible combinations among them.

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