GC22 is the most advanced and reliable solution in marketplace for CNG- dispenser computer. More than 20 years in the market provide recognition and strength with 12,000 dispensers using former GC21. GC22 meets CSA standards in the USA.

Available for liquid fuels, LPG & CNG.

Settable parameters though menu

It can work with volumetric or mass meters

Features & Benefits

  • 2 hoses Control.
  • Preset of sales.
  • Multiple language capability (English, Portuguese, and Spanish).
  • Display in mass, volume, and equivalent volume.
  • Decimal-point position selection.
  • Previous sale.
  • Totalizer.
  • Pressure compensation by temperature.
  • Protected data during outages.
  • Upgradeable firmware.
  • 4 pressure sensors.
  • MODBUS mass meters: E + H, Krhone, MicroMotion, and Pump Control.

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