Why tire calibration service matters?

A good tire calibration service provides the most important value of all: customer confidence and brand loyalty. Why? Because your business is offering a benefit that guarantees safety and economic savings.

In terms of safety, a proper tire calibration ensures a good tire grip and reduces braking distance, a point of vital   importance when a quick response of the vehicle is required to avoid car accidents.

From an economic point of view, keeping a correct pressure in tires increases the durability of the rims and reduces fuel consumption, providing considerable savings to the car owner.

Pump Control tire gauge has been designed for gas stations, car repair shops and  private forecourts.

Increase Customer Loyalty by offering this service in your business.

Our tires air pressure gauge has been designed for gas stations, car repair shops and  private forecourts

Features & Benefits:

  • LCD screen displaying desired and current tire pressure.
  • Audible and light indicator for end of calibration notice.
  • Flat-tire indicators.
  • Robust and durable cabinet.
  • Easy installation and use.
  • Optional: pedestal and coin-operated system.

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  • Gas stations
  • Car-repair shop
  • Tire centers
  • Private forecourts
  • Car washes
  • Transport centrals
  • Bus terminals