PC-BOX is a dual RS232-to-loop current interface to communicate dispensers with control systems.

Features and Benefits

  • 110/220 VAC +10 / -20% power supply.
  • Compatible with Pump Control®, Wayne®, and Gilbarco® Dispensers.
  • Conversion of two RS232 serials to four optoisolated and independent current loops.
  • Independence in current loop to manage two serial ports with different communication protocols in the same interface.
  • Three working modes:
    • 1 serial port to 8 current loops.
    • 2 serial ports with current loop selection.
    • 2 serial ports without current loop selection.
  • Transmit ion speed of up to 28,800bps.
  • Status indicating lights.
  • Steel, baked paint chasis.

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