Service Stations and vehicle fleet Management.

Head Office is a program specially designed by Pump Control to manage and control both public and private service stations. With a PC, users can access to get vital business information.

Pump Online: It is an indispensable tool to control and manage service stations, since it provides a flexible and scalable solution, designed for remote management.

Fleet Online: It provides management and control for one or more refilling centers with self-consumption of fuel.

Fuel Sales Control

Controlling fuel sales is possible at any time. Information in real time about sales performed in your stations.

Sorted by:

• Refilling centers/ group of refilling centers.

• Dispenser.

• Hose.

• Date.

• Etc.

As this is a web based solution, it does not take up space on your PC. With any PC connected to the Internet, operational and commercial transactions are monitored, beyond the operating system used.


• Billing and consumption check.

• Shift closures.

• Get reports and learn about consumption habits of your customers in one or several stations.

• Centralization of all operations.

• Real time information.

• Management of up-to 32 hoses.

• Centralization of refilling centers and service stations.

• Integration with automatic tank gauging systems.