Pump Control offers power supplies specially designed to suit the needs of the of mass meters main brands in the market.

  • Krohne® power supply
  • MicroMotion® power supply

The FTMM503 is an intrinsic-safety barrier power supply for mass meters. Depending on available versions, this source powers the following mass meters: Micro Motion®, model CNG50 (FTMM503 version 1.0); Krohne®, model MFC010 (FTMM503 version 2.0).

Features & Benefits:

  • Power supply: 220/110 VAC 50 / 60Hz + 10% / -20%.
  • Designed to comply IRAM standards:
  • IRAM-IAP-IEC 79-0 (1994) Electrical materials for gaseous explosive atmospheres – General requirements.
  • IRAM-IAP-IEC 79-11 (1995) Electrical materials for gaseous explosive atmospheres – Intrinsic safety “i”.

The FTMM503 offers a switch to change the selection of the voltage supplied.

Other power supplies:

FTMM504: power supply with  barrier and communication, with 24 VAC or 24 VDC input.

• Other supplies: 24 VDC power supply for Sealand mass meters. It has no barrier, it has a 220 VAC or 110 VAC input.

• Switching power supply module: 90-277 VAC input and 24 VDC 3.6A 85W output.


Please check power supply measures detailed  below for an easy installation.

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