• Our main commitment is to provide safe, accurate, and efficient control over fuel.

    Each day, we work developing accurate solutions to help you manage fuel in your business, complying with standards that rule domestic and international markets.

  • We provide cutting-edge, simple, and friendly tools and solutions.

    We solve current fuel-control problems, and we strictly look after your information confidentiality at all times.

  • We entirely design and produce hardware and software of our devices.

    We follow the continual improvement process to offer the most efficient solution for each need and to guarantee complying with standards that rule domestic and international markets.

GC22 - New technology for CNG dispensers

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GC22 is a pump controller for up-to two-hose CNG dispensers. For its configuring parameters, you optimize the valve control, pressure, and fueling speed. This piece of equipment works with Modbus-communicated mass meters.

PAM-PC – Dispenser controller

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PAM-PC is a complete control system for gas stations that gives you the possibility to access information of your dispensers, schedule shift closure, make reports and statistical graphics, manage the operation of your forecourt, and communicate with other management and control systems.

AIR – Tire gauge

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AIR is a device specially designed for service stations, auto-repair shops, car-wash shops, transportation centers, and bus terminals with high performance in accuracy and reliability.