Pump Control SRL

Guaminí 2062/64 -[C1440ESN]

Ciudad Autónoma de Bs. As.

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Tel/Fax: +54 11 4687-3538/6699

Argentina: ventas@pump-control.com

Outside of Argentina: sales@pump-control.com 

You can contact us by email at the address that corresponds.

If you are in Argentina: ventas@pump-control.com

Outside the Argentine: sales@pump-control.com 


If you are a manufacturer or seller interested in our products, please send an email to OEM-querries@pump-control.com

System Integrator

If you are a systems integrator and are interested in our products, or integrate them into your system, please send an email to Systems@pump-control.com


If you are an equipment installer interested in being part of our value chain, write an email with your data and experience, please send an email to Instaladores@pump-control.com

You can also communicate by telephone to the following numbers +54 11 4687-3538 / 6699

You can also contact us by completing the following form and as soon as possible we will be communicating with you.

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