Fuel is the main cost of any company that uses its own cargo centers to supply its fleet of vehicles.

Controlling it allows knowing how and where this resource is used, detect excess consumption and avoid losses or the misuse of fuel.
For this reason, Pump Control has developed a family of solutions for the control of fuel supply.
These solutions are adapted to the particularities of each fleet, providing a simple and efficient solution in each case.



Pump-Control can provide several components oriented to the industry in general.
Digital Pressure and Vacuum Transmitters; Food Sources; Communication interfaces; Mass meters; Oxygen concentration monitors; and customized solutions according to the client’s request.
We work strategically looking for standardized or measured solutions, to make your business more profitable.
We have a multidisciplinary team of product and service developers, highly trained and specialized in the areas of programming, design and communication.
We are able to provide added value to your company, we seek constant innovation through our various areas of knowledge.


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